Back in September, the Newburgh Chandler Public Library asked residents what type of items, outside of books, movies, and music, they would like the library to make available for checkout. After listening to what the people wanted and collecting a number of those items, they're making them available to the public with the opening of their "Library of Things."

What is a "Library of Things?"

The short answer is — it's exactly what it sounds like it is. It's things the library will loan out other than the standard items you've gone to the library for your entire life. Things you don't want to buy, because you may only need to use them once or twice. The Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Library has been doing this for several years with its own Library of Things. Outside of the aforementioned books, movies, CDs, etc., they also loan out things like cake pans, outdoor games (disc golf, croquet, and things like that), musical instruments, power tools, and more.

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The Newburgh Chandler Public Library version currently features 20 items including a Blu-Ray / DVD player, Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Elmo cake pans, a Pickleball Set, night-vision goggles, a 148-piece tool set, and a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, just to name a few.

Each item on the online spreadsheet features its own link where you can reserve the item. Once reserved, all you have to do is swing by and pick it up. Neither the spreadsheet nor the reservation links specify how long you're able to keep the items before you have to return them so someone else can use them.

All items are available through the Bell Road branch only.

[Source: Newburgh Chandler Public Library]

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