Evansville is home to one of Indiana's oldest and most iconic public libraries - Willard Library - which opened in 1885. The building is beautiful, but it's also 140 years old, so some renovations are necessary from time to time to keep it looking beautiful - now is one of those times.

The Friends of Willard Library - a group that was organized in 1972, to "promote awareness and use of Willard Library by providing volunteer service, by increasing financial support, and by sponsoring cultural programs for the community." - is asking the community to help offset the cost of these repairs by purchasing "Renovation Raffle" tickets between now and June 7th.

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Who Doesn't Love a Half Pot?

Half Pot raffles are a popular and easy way to raise a little extra scratch for your organization. You'll find a half pot raffle at just about any high school sporting event or non-profit fundraiser. The jackpot is usually a couple hundred bucks, but as we've seen with the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival half pot, the jackpot can climb to more than $1 million. Let's hope the library's half pot falls somewhere in between.

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How to Purchase Your "Renovation Raffle" Tickets

Tickets for the "Renovation Raffle" are just $5 each and can be purchased inside or outside of Willard Library, as well as at other locations around Evansville. The library will host its annual book sale on June 1st, and that would be a great opportunity to get tickets. Tickets will remain on sale through June 7th, and the winning half pot ticket will be drawn on June 8th.

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Don't miss your chance to be a part of Evansville history and help preserve this architectural gem for generations to come!

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