It's pretty typical of kids his age, seven-year-old Sameer Anwar had a Lego stuck in his nose for two years. Though later he did admit that he did it on purpose.

Sameer told his parents about the tiny Lego piece in his nose when it happened, and they tried to remove it with no luck. When they took him to a local doctor, the doctor couldn't see it and surmised that it had either passed into his digestive track (where the body would break it down), or it had never been stuck in there in the first place. And that was that, or so they thought.

It wasn't until recently when Sameer sniffed a cupcake and felt a sharp pain that the family remember the Lego incident. His mother helped him blow his nose and lo and behold, out popped the tiny Lego piece that had long been forgotten.


Source: Facebook

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