If you are fan of Lego (or you have kids that are), you're going to lock in to this news! Kentucky will soon be home to the very first Lego cafe in the entire country.

It's called The Brickery Cafe & Play and it's coming to Newport, Kentucky.

Of course, Newport is already a destination for families throughout the Commonwealth and surrounding states because of its incredibly popular aquarium.

Now, Newport, which sits across the river from Cincinnati, OH, is going to have another impressive claim to fame- a Lego cafe! It's indeed called The Brickery and it's destined to be the first Lego café in the U.S.. That's according to a press release from North American Properties, which owns the complex it will be part of.

The Brickery/Facebook
The Brickery/Facebook
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While The Brickery will serve various cafe foods, the centerpiece of the space will be a play and discovery area that gives children ages 5 to 12 the chance to play with large Lego sets. And those sets will feature some of THE most popular Lego collections- like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, Marvel and more!


Those themed sets will rotate in and out regularly and, because your kids are going to want to come back, there will be monthly entry passes available.

The Brickery Cafe & Play is expected to open this summer inside Newport on the Levee.

Newport on the Levee is located at One Levee Way.

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