5 Things I Can't Do That The Average Adult Can
With it being the first "yardwork" day of 2017, my Saturday consisted of pressure washing and partial lawn mowing. Stuff that the average functional adult can do. So I began to wonder, "Is there something I should be able to do, but can't?"
Newspaper Too Big For Puppy (video)
With all the awful stories in the news this week, I thought we all needed an adorable pallet cleanser. So here's a little 4 month old lab puppy named Gracie who tries valiantly to retrieve the Sunday paper.
Pinky and the Brain Do Pulp Fiction (video)
A video recently resurfaced of voice actors Rob Paulsen (Pinky) and Maurice LaMarche (Brain) at SF Sktechfest a few years ago reading the famous "royale with cheese" scene from Pulp Fiction. Hilarity obviously ensues.
Note: They try to censor themselves for the little…
Lets Enjoy This Video Of Trick Or Treaters Getting Scared
There were trick-or-treaters on my street yesterday. On October 30th. Not to sound like an angry neighbor who chases kids out of my yard, but back in my day we got only one day to trick-or-treat.
However, adults tend to forget that childhood can be a scary time...
This Kid Totally Did Not Eat The Cupcakes
Its Saturday morning and you make be waking up and realizing you need to deny your Friday night activities.
Just like I will totally deny that I spent Friday night at home watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon on Netflix.
The kid in this video is going to keep on denying that he ate that cupcake…
Cure Your Monday Blues; Kayne West Walks In To A Pole
Monday seemed like it would never end. I couldn't get doors open, the grill wouldn't light, it kept getting worse. That is when I came across this video.
Kayne West was out for a stroll with Kim Kardashian while being followed by paparazzi...
WorldWideInterwebz Brings Us Ultimate Faceplant Video
Be aware, cell phones are everywhere. And if you're going to face plant, someone is going to be there to capture it.
Ultimately it will be uploaded to YouTube, and someone like WorldWideInterwebz is going to compile it in to the ultimate face plant video...
Drive By Baptisms
Oh no! It looks like Jesus' numbers are down and he keeps losing followers! How are Jesus and Friends going to get out of this crazy predicament!?
Three words: DRIVE. BY. BAPTISMS.

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