Star Wars: Rogue One Full Trailer Released (video)
Finally! A full length trailer! I've been seeing that teaser trailer in theaters for so long I feared it was the only one we were going to get! Fear no longer, fellow nerds! The official full length trailer is here!
Suicide Squad: Movie Review
I'm just going to start this review off by saying I wouldn't be surprised if the Suicide Squad sequel gets cancelled...
This movie was...well, was a movie...
SDCC Releases First ‘Justice League’ Trailer (video)
FINALLY! We get to see some Justice League action! Well, sort of. The trailer is more of a "gathering of the league", but it makes for a great introduction to some of the characters. And a re-popularization to the White Stripe's "Icky Thump".
Top Grossing Films That Were Shot In Indiana (At Least In Part)
It's obvious that Indiana isn't anything like Hollywood when it comes to movie making. Although fewer and fewer movies are being filmed in Hollywood (California in General) and New York, which has always been a hotbed of movie making.  Like gangs, you have the West Coast Coppola vs th…

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