Shows and Movies Leaving Netflix Jan 2016
The new year is fast approaching, so you only have a little bit of time left to watch some of your favorite shows and movies on Netflix before they're gone! Here's a list of what Netflix is saying goodbye to in Jan 2016.
Oct 2015- Jan 2016 DVD Release Dates
With things flying off the shelves after Black Friday, it's hard to know what DVD's are available. Here's a list to help you know what's out and what's not out yet.
Check Out New “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Footage
It was only three years ago when I wrote a blog about Disney acquiring Lucasfilm, and the rights to Star Wars.
Now were are a little more than a month away from the release of Episode 7, "The Force Awakens". Its on track to break box office records after smashing pre-sale records...

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