Here is another "look back" at a significant moment in our history. Much like a similar blog I posted several weeks ago, I am not entirely sure on the exact date of this event. I do remember that it took place at Woody's/Harpole's at the Main Street Exit which, as you know, has since closed due to the fire in 2009. If memory serves, this evening was only a few weeks prior to the fire making this night one of the final big events in that building.

This was around the height of popularity for 'Rock of Love' on VH1, of course starring Bret Michaels. However, the breakout star from season 2 was a girl simply known as "Daisy". Daisy Delahoya (who also got her own spinoff show) is her full name and she joined me onstage (and afterwards) for a long night of partying.  I remember her being a very tiny and nice girl that apparently liked cigarettes. We got on stage, did our best to whip the crowd into a frenzy (we tried) and there were various contests going on with people trying to win fabulous prizes. I don't remember. There was a band and hopefully some faces were rocked, that was the goal at least.

The night didn't end there as bar staff, Sandman, myself, Daisy and her crew all traveled down the road to an adult establishment. From there it gets a little hazy but I remember flesh, dollar bills and more booze. Normal ingredients for a GBF event with a pop culture celebrity mixed in for flavor. Good times. I am not sure what has become of the young lady since that night although I vaguely remember that she had some personal issues that were played out in the news shortly after this event. Hope all is well with her now and that she might have some recollection of this decadent evening...a part of 103GBF's 25 years of kicking ass in the Tri-state.