As a part of our year long celebration of being the most badass rock station in the Tri-state for 25 years, I thought I would acknowledge an important moment in our history.  Me being on stage with a Playboy was kind of important to me at least.  This small photo collection was of a night in 2008 (April/May I think) in which I was doing something at Fast Eddys (no clue to what it was) I was joined onstage by the soon to be Miss May 2008, the lovely AJ Alexander.  The link is somewhat safe for work but don't go digging around too much.

If you are new to the area or the site, AJ is an Evansville native who got her big break by hitting the pages of Playboy.  It's been almost four years since she got her biggest break of all...sharing the stage with me.  Now she doesn't call, doesn't write.  Shame.