Love sports and entrepreneurship? If the answer is, "yes", then Evansville's Play It Again Sports franchise has an opportunity you'll want to look into.

During a recent trip to the store on Virginia Street on Evansville's east side to get some baseball pants for my son, a sign in the window caught my eye. It read something along the lines of, "you could own Play It Again Sports."

Later that same evening, their Facebook page shared similar information.

Curious as to what was going on, and hoping the store wasn't going away because it's usually the first stop I make when getting gear for my son depending on what sport season we're in, I clicked the link. I was relieved to see the store wasn't closing, the current owner has simply decided it's time to step away and pursue other interests.

For the uninitiated, and to put it in the simplest terms possible, Play It Again Sports is essentially a sporting goods consignment shop specializing in gently used gear for nearly every sport imaginable, including personal fitness, while also offering new products in those same sports. They also pay cash for your gently used gear, which for is great for parents like myself whose child outgrows his cleats, helmet, baseball, and football pants every year.

As the store notes in the link from their Facebook page, the hard part for whoever the new owner will be is taken care of, as the business is already established and has a steady clientele (myself included).

Those interested in taking over the franchise are asked to contact current owner, listed only as Glen, at 812-479-3289.

To learn more about Play It Again Sports, visit their website, or call Pete First at 1-800-842-4361.

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