Broken electronics, retro bikes, serial killers...just some of the things you can find on Craigslist. The newspaper classified killer, Craigslist lets people post the crap they'd like to get rid of for free! No word counts, no cryptic listings. And its all there for your viewing, like some weird online yard sale.

So today, I'll bring you a few of the things that stand out for me on Craigslist. All this stuff is local, from the Evansville Craigslist. If you decide to get any of this stuff, bring a buddy with you to pick it up. 

  • 1

    Antique Maytag Washer

    Wanting to go green? Well eliminate the need for electricity during your wash with this bad boy. Clothes line not included, but get creative. You can go back to a simpler time, when your carbon footprint didn't matter and they advertised cigarettes during children's cartoons. This antique washer is the perfect addition to your house and will sit perfectly next to the giant radio that you listen to GBF on. You know, the radio from A Christmas Story?

  • 2

    Shower Doors

    Its the mystery shower doors. Where did they come from? How will you use them? Will those white bars be big enough to hide my junk in the shower? When you're tired of shower curtains, and feel like showering in what appears to be your boss's office this listing is for you. Available in Hendo, by someone who doesn't appreciate having to slide doors in the early morning. You too can feel like you're showering on the patio with every day!

  • 3

    Cast Iron Dachshund

    Other than a deadly projectile for your girlfriend to throw at you during a fight, there is not much use to this listing (and I'll admit, I've dated some crazy females). Priced at $20 you can bring this little guy home and give your friends plenty 'WTF is this for' moments. Or if you already own a dachshund, drive the little bastard insane with a companion who does nothing.

  • 4

    Broken PS3

    Nice working electronics? Not on craigslist sir! What do you think this is, Best Buy? This device is said to be suffering from a 'bad motherboard' but even the owner is unsure. He is sure that he wants $100 for it, broken or not. For one Franklin you can own a very expensive paperweight. Although, I think I'll stick to a red-ringed Xbox 360 for now.

  • 5

    Power Wheelchair

    Jealous of all those elderly people cruising 5 MPH down busy streets and blocking all the traffic? Now you can join them! It retails for over $3000, but the owner is asking for $900. Sure you can get a decent scooter for that much, but you can't ride one of those in to a business. Perfect for those people who can't seem to get off their ass for anything!