Sometimes the magic of the internet and the power of social media is just too good not to share.

The Set Up

We found a screengrab floating around social media from a Tweet made by writer and columnist, Rob Tennanbaum. According to publishers Penguin Random House,

Rob Tannenbaum has been the music editor at Blender, a columnist at GQ, and has written for The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Details, New York Magazine, Playboy, Spin, and The Washington Post.

We Shared It

The tweet reads, "Ruin a band by removing one letter from its name. Roy Music." We shared the meme on the 103GBF Facebook page and you all went to work! Seriously, some of the replies are just pure gold.

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Ruin a Band

You took no time at all whipping out the creativity and ruining some of our favorite bands. The responses ranged from mild to wild and we are 100% here for it. We really had a good laugh as we went through the responses.


The Results

We chuckled and snorted our way through the comment section, grabbing screenshots of our own of some of our favorites to compile here to share with the world.

We May Never Be The Same

If you are ready to have a good laugh, you just want to waste a little time, or you have already read this far and just want to see it to the end, then keep scrolling to see some of the best responses to "Ruin a band by removing one letter from its name." We'll apologize now for our warped sense of humor...

Indiana Rockers Play Ruin a Band Game and We Can't Stop Laughing

The responses we got when we shared a meme asking you to "Ruin a band by removing one letter from its name" were far more than we bargained for and they have had us rolling! Check out some of our favorites.


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