Growing up in the county, I loved being surrounded by old farmhouses. It was always heartbreaking when I would see one that was abandoned and falling apart. It seems like such a shame that the houses weren’t held true to their beauty, while being renovated with modern conveniences. The work it takes to keep these houses alive is painstaking and time consuming, but totally worth it.
My husband and I bought his grandparents original farmhouse in Kentucky. It has been the ultimate challenge of out relationship to renovate this house. The time and money it has taken has been a constant stress. But, once we saw the faces of his aunts and uncles when we showed them all of the work we had done, was all we needed to continue our work on the house that so many in his family love.
It would have been great if the house had been already renovated with all original richness and historical beauty preserved, like this farmhouse in rural Indiana. Imagine walking into a gorgeous farmhouse that is already finished and ready for you to enjoy and show off. That is exactly what you get with this home, in my hometown of Terre Haute. This amazing farmhouse is located in the county on W. Rigney Drive. Built in 1824, it is something you gotta see for yourself, and luckily I have some pics to show you.

Chic, Historic Indiana Farmhouse Renovation Should Be On HGTV, But You can See It Here

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