Anyone on your Christmas list into jousting? Or maybe renaissance fairs? Well, here's the perfect gift!

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A suit of armor that's been standing guard along a main road in GR for more than a decade is for sale for $500 in the Grand Rapids Online Garage Sale Facebook group:

Matthew Gould, Facebook
Matthew Gould, Facebook

If you've driven down 44th St. between 131 and Division, you've likely seen him! In checking out Google street view, the noble knight has been watching over 44th St. since at least 2007!

attachment-Google Street View - 44th Street Knight

Have you seen him? Sounds like A LOT of folks in the comments have! Community members are sharing that they drive by the knight every day or have memories of him as a kid.

It's like it's always been there. A comforting guardian. Sad to see him go elsewhere.

Some even think the asking price is too low!

500$? Don't low ball yourself man. This statue is like a staple to that area!!

Others are suggesting they pool their money to give the seller $500 to keep the knight where he is.

I’m on board with the idea of group funding $500 and that’s where it stays.

If that sounds like a cause you'd like to support, there is a GoFundMe set up here!

Others are thinking the knight should go to the Grand Castle Apartments in Grandville.

What about you - got any grand plans for the knight? I'd reach out soon if you're truly interested, sounds like he's pretty popular!

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