Vacation from work rocks. Even if its a stay-cation (I hate that word) or a trip away from town, a break from the normal routine is always welcome. But you may not believe what a majority of workers would give up for more time off. 

A survey done by Inspirato, a vacation club, found that workers in 10 major cities would be willing to give up some of their benefits in order to get more time off. One-tenth of those surveyed said they would willingly sacrifice benefits, promotions, raises, and bonuses in order to get more vacation time.

10% said they would also give up their 401k benefits. However, the line was drawn at cutting currently salary for more vacation.

Even with the want for more time off, most of those surveyed don't use all their current vacation time. 60% of those surveyed said they don't use all of their days.

So what do you think? What would you give up to have more days off from work? Do you use all of your vacation time? What would you do with extra vacation days? Let me know below!