Workers Want To Give Up Benefits For More Vacation
Vacation from work rocks. Even if its a stay-cation (I hate that word) or a trip away from town, a break from the normal routine is always welcome. But you may not believe what a majority of workers would give up for more time off.
Garbage Man Goes Postal On Mailbox
After spending a week on the sunny beaches of Southern Florida, I'm refreshed and ready to bust my a** at work. On the flip side of that, it seems for one garbage man may need a vacation (or a nice dose of Valium).
4 Extremely Sad Videos Of Booze Being Demolished
There's something deeply satisfying about watching a ton of bottles breaking at the same time, especially when they are filled with expensive booze. Here are some videos of massive disasters, inspired by this week's surveillance camera footage of a crazy lady knocking dozens of bottles onto the floor in a frustrated attempt to get back at the employees who wouldn't let her use their bathroom... Re