You'll want to keep the Purell handy, 30% of those among us don't regularly wash their hands after using the restroom.

That's according to the Healthy Hand Washing Survey, which interviewed 1000 people. A majority (70%) of those interviewed said they wash their hands all the time. 29% admitted to washing their hands sporadically. While 1% admitted to be nasty bastards, and never washed their hands after answering nature's call.

However on my observation at a bar a few weeks ago, I was the only male of about 20 in a restroom who washed his hands. Of course their could be a margin of error in proportion to the amount of alcohol I had drank. Think about that ladies when some dude is trying to grind on you when dancing.

The Center for Disease Control says you should wash your hands for 20 seconds. However the average American only washes for 5 to 10 seconds. The CDC suggests singing 'Happy Birthday' twice while washing your hands. The CDC doesn't give advice on what to do when you become known as "The Weirdo Who Sings 'Happy Birthday' To Himself In The Restroom" at your workplace.

Least surprising is that 51% of those who took the survey also admitted to having an unpleasant experience in the Restroom. Gas stations were the biggest offender. Which is the least surprising fact if you have ever been in one.

(Yahoo! Finance)