My roommate and I have an odd arrangement: She doesn't pay rent. Or any of the bills. In fact, I pay for practically everything. But I can't find it in myself to kick her out.


Her name is Natasha and we met last year around August. She was super chill and seemed like she'd make a really great roommate. So I said "Hey, you need a place to live, I HAVE a place to live. Just move in with me!" And she agreed.


But then after she moved in...the expenses started pilling up. I was still paying 100% of the rent, all of the bills, AND I had to buy her a new bed, AND I paid for her doctor's appointment later that month.


Of course, that's just typical roommate stuff, right? When you first move in, money is tight for the first few months. Right? I thought I'd help her out a bit.


But it's been 4 months and she still hasn't found a job yet to help pay bills. Also, the longer she lives here, the more I'm finding things she does that bother me...


1. She never puts anything away once she gets it out.


2. She takes my stuff and claims it's hers and has been the whole time. Ponytail holders, stuffed animals, some t-shirts and socks...


3. I'm pretty sure she's on drugs. She keeps odd hours. Sometimes I come home and she's just passed out on the couch, dead to the world. Sometimes I come home and my stuff is all over the floor, like she wanted to redecorate but changed her mind, and she's just running around spastically like she has ADD and everything is shiny! I've checked all her stuff but haven't found a stash of anything, but her behavior does concern me.


4. Sometimes I wake up and she's in bed with me, hogging all of my pillows. Like, dude, I know it's cold outside, but, personal space much? This is creepy. YOU. HAVE. A. BED. I know. I paid for it.


5. She always tries to eat my food WHILE I'm eating it. GET YOUR OWN.


6. She hates my feet. I don't know why. But she has expressed her hatred over them many a night and made it very clear that she does not like them.


7. She pees in the shower. I know, lots of people pee in the shower. Whatever. But she pees AFTER the shower is off and just leaves her urine there to stink up the bathroom. It's disgusting!


But even after all of this...I just don't have the heart to kick her out. I mean, where would she go?? Would she even go to her yearly check-up at the doctor without me practically having to drag her there? How would she find food without me bringing it to her?


She's been reading this over my shoulder the entire time I've been writing this, so I hope she's learned a thing or to and starts to help me out a bit. Maybe change some bad habits?




Who am I kidding. Nothing's going to change. She's too set in her ways.


Oh, yeah. Here's a picture of my roommate:


Chynna Hall
Chynna Hall

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