What do Evansville, hockey, and stand up comedy have in common? Brian Patafie.

The Original Enter-Trainer

Known as Comedy's Original Enter-Trainer, Brian Patafie has an extensive background in sports, and particularly athletic training. For more than four decades, Patafie worked in the professional hockey industry from minor leagues and National Hockey League to DEL2 in Germany - one of the premier hockey leagues in Europe.

Patafie has Ties to Hockey in Evansville

Patafie even has ties to hockey here in Evansville, Indiana. He was the trainer for the Icemen before the franchise's move from the River City to Jacksonville, Florida in 2016. Through all of those years as an athletic trainer, he always had a love for stand up comedy.

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Patafie Jumped Into Comedy in 2020

In 2020 Patafie took the leap, putting together a seventy minute show called "The Inappropriate Tour." In June of the following year, he toured Canada and parts of the United States. In December of 2021, his "The No Days Off Tour" made a partial debut in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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A Career in Hockey and Life as a "Base Brat"

In addition to chronicling his career in hockey, Patafie dives into life as a "base brat," and the transition into "dysfunctional life" after his father's retirement.

Brian chronicles not only his career in professional hockey from starting out in the lowest of the minor professional leagues back in 1975 during the filming of the iconic hockey movie Slap Shot throughout his rise to the NHL as well as his stumbles working in the German Professional Ice Hockey League with absolutely no grasp of the German language. He also fills his set with witty one liners and self-deprecating humor chronicling his life as the son of strict military parents that reads like a trip through an extremely dysfunctional adolescence. Brian offers a funny perspective on life, hockey and anything else the world has thrown at him.

Brian Patafie "Funny As Puck" Live at the Victory Theatre

On Saturday, May 11, 2024, Brian Patafie will return to Evansville where he will take the stage of the Victory Theatre for "Funny As Puck" that promises to make you "smile, laugh and love everyday life more than ever."

You don't want to miss out on seeing this show as Patafie shares his life on stage. Tickets are available now through Ticketmaster and at the Ford Center Box Office.

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