One TikTok user has coined a phrase to describe Midwestern Emo and it couldn't be more perfect.

In his viral TikTok video that has garnered more than 250k views and dressed in the true Midwestern, male summer fashion of a sleeveless tee-shirt, Carhart overalls, and beanie with a mix of Emo (Black Carharts, black nail polish, eyebrow ring), Snaxton says,

Listen, if Southern Alternative is considered "y'allternative," then Midwest Emo needs to be considered "EmOpe." I will not be taking any questions about this."

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I have never seen a more accurate phrase! It really is the perfect combination of Midwestern vernacular. Blending the oddly Midwest-centric word "Ope" with Emo to describe those from the central portion of the United States that embrace the Emo lifestyle is absolute brilliance. If there was ever a word that more accurately encompasses those of us who have grown up and lived surrounded by cornfields and soy beans, who understand the importance of not swerving for a deer in the road, and who know and love the idea of deep-fried everything, I'm not sure what it would be.

We've all seen the memes about Midwesterners and our fondness for saying things that the rest of the country finds unusual. The one that stands out the most of course, is the word "Ope." It's just something those of us in the Midwest say but no one is really sure why.

Drop something? "Ope!"

Bump into someone? "Ope! Excuse me!"

It really is a strange word with so many uses and I have no real idea where it originated. Perhaps it's a combination of "Oops" and "Oh No!" that only other Midwesterners can understand. Ope seems to be a term of embarrassment mixed with justification. Almost like, "I'm so embarrassed that I bumped into you but you have to forgive me because I'm from the Midwest and we're clumsy." Whatever the origins of the word, most all of us have said it at one time or another but TikTok user @Snaxtonoffical has just taken ope to a whole new level.


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