Sure you've cranked the stereo up to 11, and rocked out to a song or two or a thousand. But have you ever rocked so hard that the speakers caught on fire?

During a Chevelle set the other night in San Diego, one of the speakers did in fact catch on fire. According to the band's Facebook page, "We didn't even know the speakers were on fire until security put it out with the extinguisher."

No harm, no foul. The show still continued. "Everybody kept their cool and the show went on," the post on Facebook continues. Chevelle is currently on the road with Bush and Filter. They will also release 'Face To The Floor' on October 10th. That song will be the first single off their yet-to-be-named album which is going to be released in early 2012.

Check out the Youtube video of the speaker catching on fire, the audio is terrible so I would suggest turning down the speakers.

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