The Video You Hope You Never Have To See On CNN
We are just a few weeks away from the season premiere of Fear The Walking dead, which chronicles the breakdown of society under a zombie epidemic. With all this talk of the apocalypse, you have to wonder if there are plans in place for the end of civilization. Well look no further than CNN.
Weatherman Completely Destroys Ice Giraffe
It took over three hours to make, and its destroyed in a few seconds.
It just wasn't his morning. NBC 12 weatherman, James Quiñones, was reporting on an upcoming benefit at the zoo. He made one misstep and destroyed hours of hard work.
The whole thing was caught on video, including the on-…
Graduation 101
Well, we've come to that exciting time of year again where students who've put in years of hard work are finally basking in the light at the end of the tunnel as they cross the threshold of completing a major chapter in their lives, and now they feel like they can conquer pretty much anyth…
Screaming Goats Remixed With Music
Last week, Bobby G posted a hilarious (or creepy) video of goats screaming like humans. Now someone has taken those videos and remixed them with popular songs.
TV Viewer Gets Front Row Seat To A Police Chase
Breaking News in Evansville is usually a meth lab being busted or "quadruple doppler" picking up a funnel cloud. Its nothing like the excitement Los Angeles residents get when their favorite programs get interrupted.
Failure Pants
First there was the Snuggie. Then the Snuggie animal print. Then the Snuggie FOR animals. I thought that Snuggie would stop after that but NO, they had to go and make these god awful adult onesie footy pajamas. (I'm not joking. They're REAL.) Thankfully, Jacksfilms has dubbed over the…

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