Too afraid to tackle the Waverly Hills Sanatorium at night?  Good news! You now have the option to take a daytime tour.  Many people from the Tri-State who are fans of the strange and unusual like to take trips to visit the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and for good reason. The sanatorium isn't too far from the Tri-State as it's located in Louisville, so it's not a long drive, and it's a really cool place with a lot of creepy history.

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Now they're adding daytime tours to the agenda so you can see the real beauty of the old gothic style building while taking a tour and learning about the history.  Here's what Waverly Hills Sanatorium says about the newly added daytime tours:

You will get a mix of historical and paranormal events from all over the building. Tour runs between 2 and 2.5 hours, and includes, at least partially, all 5 floors and the top of the infamous Body Chute.

Waverly Hills has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in America.  Part of the reason for this reputation has to do with Waverly's history. The numbers vary, but it's said that thousands died at Waverly Hills Sanatorium as it was originally a tuberculosis hospital.  The Waverly Hills Historical Society works hard to help preserve the historic landmark, and by utilizing it's creepy history they're able to raise funds for their nonprofit which helps with the preservation of the building

So if you've ever been too afraid to scope out Waverly Hills at night, this is the perfect way for you to explore the old creepy building, while learning a thing or two about it's past. You can get tickets to the daytime tours, here.
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