It is no secret that I hate Walmart, with it being at the end of a very long list of retailers I will visit. But this story probably moved it in to negative range (meaning there are stores that have to be invented before I visit hell on Earth). 

Lets not pay attention to the fact that every Walmart has around 100 employees with only three running the registers up in front, but one location felt like it could spare one. This was after the employee showed concern for a dog that was locked in a car outside the store.

Carla Cheney a pharmacy technician at an Ontario, Canada Walmart decided to wait for a customer to return to their car that they left a dog locked inside of. She wasn't in her uniform when she told the customer to not leave their animal in a locked car on a hot day. The customer told her it was none of her business.

So Cheney called the police who came out and had a word with the animal's owner. Word got back to Cheney's boss who told her it was WRONG TO CALL THE POLICE. Instead the manager said she should have came to him (why, so he could do NOTHING like a normal Walmart manager).

She told her manager that if she saw something unsafe, she would always call the police. You know, like any normal human with a conscience. That is when her manager fired her on the spot. Probably for reminding him that he is just a manager at a WALMART IN CANADA!

Walmart's spokesperson has defended the decision. Saying she should have followed the company guidelines of reporting unsafe "things" to a manager. Glad to see that Walmart would rather kiss up to dog abusing customers.

So remember the next time you feel your blood boiling over a computer illiterate customer using the self-checkout, tell the nearest manager. Because if you're like me, that's an unsafe situation waiting to happen.