A 62 year old British tourist and his wife were fired from their jobs, after a video surfaced of him wrestling a shark on an Australian beach.

Paul Marshallsea and his wife (used) to work for Pant & Dowlais Boys & Girls Club in Wales. They were both on leave for work-related stress (you can get off from work on that).

They were on vacation in Australia when a news crew caught Marshallsea dragging a shark back to deeper water, after it got too close to children. When Marshallsea and his wife returned home, they received a letter from the charity's board informing them of their termination.

After working there for a decade. The organization wrote that if Marshallsea was well enough to go to the beach and wrestle sharks, he was well enough to work. Sounds like sound reasoning to me.

Check out a video of the shark wrestling below. On a side note, doesn't he look like Herschel from The Walking Dead?

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