The only kind of fish we identify as "native" to this area are ones like bass and catfish. However, millions of years ago this area was home to sharks.

Paleontologists at Mammoth Cave National Park have been going deep underground in the cave to find fossils of sharks that once swam in Kentucky 350 million years ago, according to WHAS. Scientists discovered the existence of sharks by chance at Mammoth Cave back in the 90s. WHAS reports, "guides started noticing shark teeth and other fossils. But no one had ever found any shark fossils from this layer until now."

It's hard to believe that this area we call home was all once a massive ocean full of creatures we have only seen in pictures. The fact that sharks once roamed this are is quite fascinating actually. And I am not talking about "Baby Sharks", no. In fact, the paleontologists have discovered fossils bigger than the biggest and baddest shark around, the great white. They discovered a carcass of a shark larger than 18 feet long in Mammoth Cave! Can you imagine discovering that?!

According to WHAS, 40 different species have been found so far. The further and deeper the scientists go underground in the cave reveals a something new.

It makes you wonder what else they might discover down there...

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