Yes, we are in a recession. But is that any reason to fire an employee over eating two hot dogs? 

That's what happened to an employee at the local Dillard's store here in Evansville. According to an article in the Courier and Press, Nathan Koewler was axed after eating two hot dogs in the refrigerator, in the store's break room.

Apparently a manager wanted those dogs saved for Labor Day after they were left over from an employee 4th of July gathering. That's gross. Who wants hot dogs that are a few months old?

I know money is tight right now, but hot dogs are $3 for 8. Hell I can feed 24 employees with what I have in my pocket.

Having worked in the wonderful world of retail, my experience tells me there might be more to the story. But why fire someone over something so petty? Do what most manager's do with problem employees, cut their hours back.

So the 76 cents worth of hot dogs will now cost the company more, because an appellant court has ruled in Nathan's favor. Meaning the company will have to pay him for his unemployment benefits.

Lets be glad that he went for leftovers and not other people's lunches. Because if someone eats my lunch, I'm going kung fu on their ass.