If there is one important lesson you will learn from me its this, assume all guns are loaded and all mics are on. 

Unfortunately this advice came a bit too late for A.J. Clemente. He was making his debut as weekend anchor for KFYR in Bismarck, N.D. this past weekend. As you can tell from the video below, things weren't going well.

Having read the news myself, I know the extreme frustration of having to pronounce certain names. Even my own last name is a nine-letter four-syllable monstrosity that is never pronounced correctly (even though its phonetical).

So I can totally relate to Clemente's frustration with pronouncing Tsegaye Kebede (who won the London Marathon). After butchering the name and thinking his mic was off, Clemente let loose a slew of cuss words that were broadcast on air.

After his debut and mess up, the station let him go. Apologies were issued, but in the world of broadcasting the FCC doesn't accept "sorry's" as a form of payment for an indecency fine.

I think Clemente should keep his head up. Even my radio career got started with an "f-bomb".

I was making my debut at my college's low power AM station on a Saturday Morning. During that time I was being trained on how to run the sound board and automation software. While trying to remember the appropriate buttons to hit, I butchered my first break.

After getting the next song to play, I let a quick "FRACK" escape from my mouth. The person who was training me yelled "Noooooooooooooooo" and hit the microphone button that I forgot to turn off.

Lucky for me it was a low power station and unless a basketball game was airing no one was listening. So keep your head up Clemente, things can only get better from here!

NSFW WARNING! Protect the virgin ears of your uptight coworkers while watching.