Canadian rockers Theory of a Deadman have just unveiled the video for the title track off their latest album ‘Savages.’ The clip features iconic rocker Alice Cooper delivering a spoken word message about today’s children and our global future.

‘Savages’ is the title track from Theory of a Deadman’s fifth album, which was released back in July. Frontman Tyler Connolly said that working with Alice Cooper was “cool” and he called the icon a “pro.” They recorded Cooper’s spoken word audio at the icon’s home studio in Phoenix. Connolly said, "He was great, you know he was a pro. He had never seen the lyrics before. He said, ‘I have this.’” Check out the video interview below for more of Theory of a Deadman's take on collaborating with Alice Cooper.

Cooper jumps on the track at the bridge, before the blazing guitar solo. He delivers a spoken word message: “Time after time we never learn from our mistakes / When we will realize we’re all just the same / We’re all humans fighting human nature to stay alive / We’re predators teaching our children to be just like us / To fear and hate like us / Will we ever realize we’re just savages? / God save us all.”

Fans can download Theory’s ‘Savages’ album at iTunes and at Roadrunner's website here.

Theory of a Deadman are currently on tour overseas and take the stage in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Sunday (Oct. 19). You can check out their tour dates here.

Theory of a Deadman Discuss Working with Alice Cooper on 'Savages':

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