Make A Big Mac At Home: McDonalds Chef Shows You How
I know. Its hard to believe that a McDonald's 'chef' isn't some pimple-faced kid that you have to worry about putting spit in your food if you remind him you don't want pickles. But one of their executive chefs posted a video online showing how the restaurant's signatur…
McDonald’s in Boonville Has a New Look
This morning I was out in Boonville, IN for a live broadcast at the newly renovated McDonald's. Today was their grand re-opening ceremony. It included the Boonville High School band, members of the chamber of commerce and lots of prize giveaways.
Happy Times Are Here Again
So this may be my second post in a week about a certain food item at a fast food restaurant. But when you're counting calories, fast food is all you can think about. And when it comes to this time of year, gluttony is nigh!