I think we all need to be on the same page before I go any further. Can we all agree that there is just something different about a fountain Coke from McDonald's? I can't tell you what it is or why, but a Coke from McD's just tastes better - or as the kids would say, it hits different!

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Okay, now that we've established that, let me tell you what dozens of local McDonald's restaurants are doing this summer. McDonald's locations throughout Evansville and the surrounding areas have launched Summer Happy Hour. Every day from now through September 30th, customers can stop by any participating McDonald's location between 2pm-5pm and enjoy any size soft drink (including that delicious Coke) or tea for just $1!


Why Is McDonald's Selling Drinks So Cheap?

I'll answer that question with my own question - why the heck NOT? It's summertime, the weather is hot, and you gots to stay hydrated. Thanks to the Summer Happy Hour, you can pick up the kids from summer camp, VBS, a play date at the pool, or whatever, and then cool everyone down with a cold drink for just a few bucks. Is there anything better than a cold glass of iced tea after mowing the grass? Nope. Now you can get the biggest iced tea you want for just a buck!

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McDonald's Locations Participating in the Summer Happy Hour

There are literally more than 100 different McDonald's locations that are participating in this offer. You should be good to go at just about any McDonald's in Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky, Southeastern Illinois, and even parts of Missouri.

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