McDonald's is probably one of the few chain restaurants that most people have likely dined at. When I was in high school, I actually worked at my local McDonald's and have probably tried just about every item on the menu. Personally, I'm a fan of the McChicken, but I also once ordered the snack wraps almost daily with my employee discount. However, in just eight short years, prices have soared. For example, when I worked there, a McChicken was about $1.29, but now that sandwich costs customers $3.29.

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I like McDonad's, but let's face it, it's not exactly fine dining. When ordering food from a place like this, it's generally because of the affordability aspect, but that margin seems to be quickly diminishing. Recent price increases have deterred many customers, including myself, from placing an order at the global fast food giant. According to Finanze Buzz, McDonald's has had the largest price increase of any fast food restaurant from 2014 to 2024, with prices doubling within that time span.

McDonald's seems to be aware of this problem, and is now considering a new combo that they hope will win back some of their customer base. According to CBS News, a new $5 meal deal could include a choice of either a McDouble, McChicken, or four-piece chicken nugget to be accompanied by a side of fries and a drink. However, nothing is set in stone, as it seems the company is still in talks with franchise owners about introducing the new deal to customers.

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Personally, I think this move from McDonald's is a great idea, but it still doesn't seem better than the two-for-three deal offered a few years ago, when customers could get the same sandwich options and a small fry for less than $5. Additionally, large drinks previously only cost $1, so in December 2019, when the above ad originally aired, you could have gotten this proposed $5 deal for just $4. That said, we are likely never to see those prices again, so having a combo deal at $5 probably isn't the worst idea to come out of fast food in the last year or two.

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