Get ready to shop, eat and support local with Downtown Evansville's Spring Small Business Saturday.

Did you know (according to Forbes) that to qualify as a small business, it must employ less than 500 employees? How about that there are nearly 28 Million small businesses in America and those small businesses employ more than 50% of American workers? When you shop, ea,t and spend local you are not adding to some billion-dollar CEO's savings accounts or stock options. You are helping your friends and neighbors - business owners and their employees - to make their mortgages, feed their families, and send their kids to summer camp, and we all know it feels good to help our neighbors!

On Saturday, May 29th the Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District will be hosting a Spring Small Business Saturday and you're invited! Head down to the Main Street walkway this Memorial Day weekend. Be sure you stop by 318 Main Street to get your free Shop Downtown tote bag while supplies last and then shop the amazing businesses that make our downtown such an amazing place. Eat at the local downtown restaurants serving up your favorite cuisine or enjoy a quick bite from one of our local food trucks that will be on hand for the day as well. There will even be more than a dozen unique vendors and makers downtown with pop-ups between 2nd & 5th Streets.

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As we are slowly starting to return to a sense of normalcy, our local businesses are still struggling from the impacts of the pandemic. Shopping the Spring Small Business Saturday event downtown is just one small way that you can make an impact for these businesses, and our friends.

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