An Indiana man showed up earlier this week to a local police station to register as a convicted sex offender. However, authorities say he quickly went from being a child predator to a drug offender after a baggie of marijuana fell out of his pocket in front of officers.

According to reports, 22-year old Jacquez Lewis walked in the door at the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday prepared to register himself as a sex offender due to a conviction he received in Illinois. Unfortunately for Lewis, the registration took a turn for the worse after an officer asked to see his driver’s license.

“He reached into his pocket, and when he pulled out his license, a baggie of marijuana fell onto the counter,” said detective Jason Morgan. “He said he had found it.”

Needless to say, police did not allow Lewis to leave without first taking the grand tour of the county jail, where he was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Lewis had recently been released from prison where he was doing time on a sex-related offense.

While we typically do not agree with jail time for possession of small amounts of marijuana, any reason to get a convicted sex offender off the streets is alright with us.


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