Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has just signed a bill that will bring "Happy Hour" back to bars across the state for the first time in almost 40 years.

House Bill 1086

House Bill 1086, authored by Indiana Republican Representative Jake Teshka, touches on a number of regulations pertaining to the sale of alcoholic beverages. One of the points of the bill will allow bars and restaurants to host "happy hours," where they sell alcoholic beverages at a reduced price during a certain window of time.

Allows a retailer or craft manufacturer to reduce or increase the price of alcoholic beverages during a part of the day
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A Ban on Happy Hours in Indiana Since 1985

Since 1985 Indiana has had a ban on happy hours. As the law currently stands, a bar or restaurant that wants to offer patrons a discounted special, must do so for the entire day. The ban on happy hours was intended to curb drunk driving in the state.

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Happy Hour Returns to Indiana in July 2024

On Thursday, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed House Bill 1086 into law. Under the new law, bars and restaurants will be able to once again offer their patrons happy hour drink specials. Although, there are limitations.

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Restrictions Under the Indiana New Happy Hour Law

Bars and restaurants will only be able to offer discounted alcoholic beverages for a maximum of four hours per day, totally no more than 15 hours per week. They also would be prohibited from holding happy hours between the hours of 9 pm and 3 am.

The new law begins July 1, 2024.

[Source: WTHR]

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