Stirring the pot
Industrial hemp is now legal in Indiana. Earlier last week, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed Senate Bill 357, also known as “The Industrial Hemp Bill,” into law, which makes the Hoosier state the 11th in the nation to legalize hemp production.
Big Bust!
Southern Indiana stoners may be about to experience a bit of a pot drought.
According to reports, two Evansville men were busted earlier this week in Wyoming after authorities discovered felonious amounts of marijuana in their vehicle, which was bound for right here in the River City.
Indiana Woman Forced to Put “Not Pot” Sign in Front Yard
The small community of Warren, Indiana is outraged at one of its residents because they say she is growing marijuana in her front yard. However, Kim Miller says that while her plant may resemble cannabis, it is actually a flowering hibiscus plant that was given to her by one of her neighbors.
Smoke Or Pass. [Poll]
I was listening to our own Bob and Tom this morning driving to work (my otha job), and they were talking about in Los Angeles. The coast guard got a call about 160 bales of marijuana floating in the ocean. At street value, $3.6 million of pot...

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