Even though recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois there are still laws that everyone has to follow.

Another Dumb Criminal In Illinois Committing An Epic Fail

Maybe, I should write a book or something. I can't believe how many stupid mistakes criminals in Illinois make. The suspects wonder why they end up in jail. I think one of the basic rules and maybe it should be right there on top of the list is if you're going to break the law, don't attract attention to yourself.

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Many Red Flags For This Drug Dealer In Illinois

I just mentioned not to attract attention to yourself while committing a crime. This guy didn't get the memo. First, he's from Georgia so he's driving a vehicle with out-of-state license plates. Second, the guy is speeding. Finally, he and his car smelled like weed. There's no hiding that from the cops. Even with cover-up cologne. The suspect should have just hung a sign on his ride saying, "Hey police please pull me over."

Huge Illinois Drug Bust

Big Drug Bust In Illinois

This guy from Georgia is speeding down Interstate 64 with out-of-state license plates during the middle of the day. The local police pull him over. The officers smell weed so they search the vehicle. Those cops find 400 pounds of cannabis. The suspect is going to jail.

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No Good Excuse For That Much Weed

Even though recreational weed is legal in Illinois, there are still laws. You definitely can't have that much pot in your possession. He can't even say he's in state to visit a dispensary because of the amount. I don't think he could use person use as a defense either.

According to foxillinois.com,

With assistance from ISP Southern Illinois Drug Task Force, over 400 pounds of cannabis was removed from the vehicle.


Subbotin is facing charges of Possession of Cannabis – More than 5000 grams, Cannabis Trafficking, and Possession with Intent to Deliver Cannabis.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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