If its one thing I enjoy doing, its putting my college degree to use during family game night. If I'm not proving why I'm a mile deep in student loans during a game of Trival Pursuit, I'm pwning the competition during Scrabble. But now, Scrabble has decided to dumb it down.

It is now expanding on its list of acceptable words. Among the dumbest of the recent additions. Its "Grrl". There are now vowels in that sentence, therefore in my world it can't be word. I think we can all blame those stupid AT&T commercials for this.

Of course during any addition of words deemed acceptable, there is the pop culture favorite. Now count 'Facebook' as an acceptable word in Scrabble. So if people weren't talking about it enough as it is, they're going to force it in to your life any more. Thanks, Zuckerburg.

And why not round out the list with some slang. 'Thang' is now, all good in Scrabble land. Thang? Yes, Thang. Are we teaching English any more? Or was that cut during the budget crisis?

Somewhere out there, English professors are weeping.

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