Last night was our first Damn Loud Rock Show at the Ford Center. Perhaps my memory failed me, but I forgot what interesting events those things could become. So using my personal observations here is a list of things I 're-learned' from last night's show.

  • Dan Waite / Flickr
    Dan Waite / Flickr

    Do: Enjoy the entertainment on the stage

    Don't: Become the entertainment off stage.

    I have no clue what was going on. At one point me and other audience members began calling one man on the floor, Jesus. He was walking around and throwing his hands up trying to get a rise out of the audience. We also observed him almost attacking the light booth for the show. I think this dude totally forgot a band was actually playing.

  • chrischappelear / Flickr
    chrischappelear / Flickr

    Do: Sign along to the music, if you feel the urge

    Don't: Re-enact an entire drum solo, throwing your elbows in people's faces

    If you are in your personal vehicle (alone) and you choose to mime out a drum solo. Cool. In a jammed packed audience where your elbow comes within a few inches of my face. Not cool.

  • Wootang01 / Flickr
    Wootang01 / Flickr

    Do: Stand up! Its a ROCK SHOW!

    Don't: Be the Debbie Downer by telling people to sit down.

    If you want to sit down, go home and park yourself on the porch. This is a rock show, people are going to stand, get over it.

  • brosner / Flickr
    brosner / Flickr

    Do: Have a couple of drinks (if you're of the proper age)

    Don't: Get so s***faced that you don't remember the headliner playing.

    This one explains itself. I'm also sure security would hope that you remember this one too.

  • DavidMartynHunt / Flickr
    DavidMartynHunt / Flickr

    Do: Hold on to your significant other during the epic rock ballad you both enjoy.

    Don't: Turn it in to 'Debbie Does The Arena'

    I cannot even begin to describe what a friend of mine saw happen in the stands. It would best be suited for websites that charge you $9.95/month for entry. If the music is getting you hot and heavy, take it home. Unless you look like Jenna Jameson, none of us want to see that.