The Do’s And Don’ts Of A Damn Loud Rock Show
Last night was our first Damn Loud Rock Show at the Ford Center. Perhaps my memory failed me, but I forgot what interesting events those things could become. So using my personal observations here is a list of things I 're-learned' from last night's show....
Scrabble Loses Credibility
If its one thing I enjoy doing, its putting my college degree to use during family game night. If I'm not proving why I'm a mile deep in student loans during a game of Trival Pursuit, I'm pwning the competition during Scrabble. But now, Scrabble has decided to dumb it down.
Battle Of The Internships
Charlie Sheen needs an intern. You know this. You probably heard that he received over 74,000 applicants. And I gotta say, the reason you don't see T-Rav prepping his resume and sending it to that totally bitchin' rock star from Mars, is that I learned all that during my internsh…