That isn't snow on the ground. That is talc, an ingredient used in a number of beauty products including baby powder and pressed powder makeups like blush, according to the FDA. The Posey County Sheriffs Office recently apprehended a suspect wanted on a stalking warrant and who was working at facility that processes and stores the clay mineral and they did it with a little help from their friends at the EPD. It was a collaborative effort and after a failed attempt to flea, the suspect who authorities say was known to be armed, was finally apprehended after a nearly 6 hour search. According to deputies, the suspect fled on foot when authorities arrived at the facility. According to the post on the EPD Facebook page:

EPD Detective J. Montgomery, Lt. Hoover, Sgt. Thomas, Z. Elfreich, and SWAT Officers Nutt and Thiry, assisted with a Tactical Track; Posey County launched their drone for the initial part of the search. EPD K-9 Doc located the suspect's hat in the field and an extensive search of the facility floor, roof, and scaffolding was conducted by EPD and Posey Deputies. EPD Drone Operators DeCamps and Brasher arrived and checked that area. DeCamps briefly saw the suspect’s heat signature appear as the suspect crawled under an object and out of sight. Deputies and Officers were redirected to that location and the suspect was located concealed on a scaffolding at 17:08 hrs. Actual length of the search was almost six hours, but persistence and unified effort by our two agencies paid off.




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