Santa is working overtime this year to make sure all the children of the world get an opportunity to visit with him if at all possible.  He has decided since many aren't able to visit in person he is going to go the extra mile and do zoom, virtual, and even social distancing visits...and he's bringing Mrs. Claus along with him!

Santa has gotten super creative to bring the magic of the season to all his special boys and girls all over the Tristate.  So much so he has created "Safe Santa Visits".

Here are the four ways you can schedule a visit with Santa;

 Four ways we can safely visit with children both young and young at heart:
Person to person phone chat with Santa
Touch-free delivery of your gifts directly to your driveway in Santa's Red VW Bug Sleigh!
Santa Sneaking a Peek at the children in your windows *
Please call the Santa Hot Line 270 685-1204 for details and scheduling
Thank you and Merry Christmas !!
10 minute Personalized Video Chat $15
10 minute Personalized Telephone chat $10
Driveway Drop Off $30
Driveway Drop offs are limited to 20 miles from Owensboro.
Santa Sneak Peek* $30
* During daylight hours for your security cameras or your photos

Owensboro Santa Creates Safe Santa Visits

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