Last summer, when we visited a good friend in Cleveland, we had a free day and spent a large portion of it at the Cleveland Museum of Fine Art. We were there a long time.

I wouldn't call myself culturally deficient, but I'll admit to being blown away at what we encountered during our nearly 5-hour-long visit. Yes, I know what you find inside art museums, but I'd only ever been to one before in my lifetime, for some reason. And it was a long time ago.

To be able to experience, in person, works of art by the likes of Picasso, Renoir, and Warhol, among many others, was kind of breathtaking. As was viewing ancient sculptures, metal works (suits of armor, for example), tapestries, and pottery dating back--literally--thousands of years.

Visit the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art

It wasn't long after we returned from vacation that we attended an exhibit at the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art, something that's become a more common occurrence than it had been.

That's merely a sample, as the museum showcases new exhibits throughout the year, as you might expect.

Owensboro Museum of Fine Art Appears in Smithsonian Magazine

It is beyond worthy of being added to any list of top tourist destinations in Kentucky, and that's why the Kentucky Tourism Commission initiated a marketing program spotlighting such locations. And it landed the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art a full-page ad in the pages of Smithsonian Magazine.

Owensboro Museum of Fine Art Receives Million-Dollar Endowment

Clearly, that is very impressive and well-earned. And so is an eye-popping $1 million endowment from Drs. R. Wathen Jr. and Jeanette Napier Medley.

Additionally, director Mary Bryan Hood shared that the museum's $2 million capital campaign for its future is close to fruition.

The Whole Family Will Enjoy the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art

If you've never visited the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art--Kentucky's second-largest art museum--you absolutely should. Admission is free, and there is so much for the entire family to enjoy, including the kids. Among other attractions, they would enjoy the computer-generated gallery, ArtLand--where free art lessons are given to kids up to age 15 or 16, and the many displays of artwork BY children.

Once again, we congratulate the museum for its national recognition in such a prestigious publication as Smithsonian Magazine and hope that that continues to gin up interest in the museum as a Kentucky tourist destination.

The Owensboro Museum of Fine Art is open Tuesday through Friday from 12 PM to 5 PM; and Saturday and Sunday from 1 PM to 4 PM. The museum is closed on Mondays.

The Unique Artwork of Owensboro's Aaron Kizer

Owensboro's Aaron Kizer has been painting for more than a decade. Largely self-taught, his unique approach has garnered the attention of fans from across the globe.

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