I have always been a fan of old buildings and old architecture. Full transparency here – I know nothing about architecture. I couldn’t tell you the difference between Classical, Victorian, or Art Deco if my life depended on it. All I know is that I love how old buildings look and the creativity, skill, and craftsmanship that went into building them. I love history, and I love to think about the stories old buildings could tell. Old buildings just seem to have personality, especially compared to a lot of newer buildings that all look the same. Some of the most interesting and beautiful old buildings in Indiana are county courthouses.

How Many Courthouses Does Indiana Have?

I didn’t really know how courthouses “worked” – by that I mean, I guess I just assumed that any city could have a courthouse. It wasn’t until I started writing this article that I learned that this was not the case. According to indiana-demographics.com, there are more than 600 cities in the state of Indiana, but nowhere near that many courthouses. I learned that courthouses are only located in each county. Indiana has 92 counties, and that means 92 courthouses. I am here to show you some of the neatest (based on what I wrote in the first paragraph).

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A majority of the courthouses in Indiana are pretty neat looking – some more than others, obviously – and a few of them are just plain dull looking (sorry if you live in one of those counties). I had a tough time narrowing down this list, and I really justify one pick over another. It really just comes down to the courthouses that I like the best.

Before you start scrolling through the gallery, I need to tell you about a guy named Bob and his Facebook page - Bob’s Investigations. I don’t know how I ended up on his page, but I did, and that’s where I noticed a gallery featuring pics of every courthouse in Indiana. I really appreciate Bob doing all the legwork and inspiring this article.

15 of the Most Beautiful County Courthouses in Indiana

There are a total of 92 county courthouses in the state of Indiana. I have determined (it's just my opinion) that these 15 are the most beautiful. There is no way I could or would rank them, so here they are in alphabetical order.

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