With gas prices so high, that a bike is looking like a great option. Leave it to Kentucky ingenuity to find a way to combat the problem. The solution, Kentucky Bourbon.

Now the fuel that powers me (or so I think, its like a Popeye effect), can run your vehicle thanks to a Kentucky man. 62-year-old Mickey Nilsson of Bardstown, built a replica race car from the early 20th century. After being inspired by the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and coming across an old still he decided that Bourbon would be the best way to run his car.

Nilsson had to even fight off the guys from American Pickers, after they became interested in the still. Now that his car is complete its attracting attention. Including that of President Barack Obama.

Ethanol has been seen as a replacement for gasoline, who knows maybe whiskey powered cars are on the horizon. Does the 'one shot for you, and two for me' apply when filling up the vehicle?