Mattel Makes A Hoverboard (Sort Of)
Ever since I saw Back To The Future II it has been my life long dream to own a hoverboard. I even took up skateboarding as a kid in hopes that the hobby could transfer.
Only In Kentucky
With gas prices so high, that a bike is looking like a great option. Leave it to Kentucky ingenuity to find a way to combat the problem. The solution, Kentucky Bourbon.
Now the fuel that powers me (or so I think, its like a Popeye effect), can run your vehicle thanks to a Kentucky man...
The Coolest, Craziest Novelty Easter Candies
Easter has become synonymous with delicious Cadbury eggs, pastel-hued candies, oval jellybeans and giant, hollow bunnies crafted from tasty milk chocolate. In order to compete with the masses, candy companies have had to step up their game when it comes to novelty Easter candy...
Make Your Own Picks
Need a guitar pick, and have a ton of gift cards laying around. Look no more.
For $25 bucks this punch can be yours. I hate math so I won't even begin to count how many picks you would have to buy to make it worth it.
I guess it could come in handy in a pinch...