Another Dumb Criminal On Facebook Gets Busted
Law enforcement agencies across the land must be celebrating just how easy Facebook has made their job. Not only can they have users help them bust criminals, but some of them are dumb enough to post their crimes on the site. Michael Baker, from Kentucky, posted the picture you see above on his personal Facebook page...
Only In Kentucky
With gas prices so high, that a bike is looking like a great option. Leave it to Kentucky ingenuity to find a way to combat the problem. The solution, Kentucky Bourbon. Now the fuel that powers me (or so I think, its like a Popeye effect), can run your vehicle thanks to a Kentucky man...
Gas Prices As High As The Floodwaters??
I got a call from someone in Evansville today who told me they saw a service station in town that was selling gas for $4.17 a gallon!!  Ridiculous!   103GBF wants to ease your pain at the pump.  Watch our new TV ad for more info!
Win FREE Gas!!!
Starting this Monday, April 25th, 103GBF will have your chance to win some serious gas! You'll need to listen each weekday morning during the Bob & Tom Show for your cue to call in and say "Hey GBF...gimme gas!". We'll give you the cue to call during the 6am, 7am and 8am hours.