This goes from some what comical to really awkward in about ten seconds.  Kind of like me trying to remove a bra in my 20's.

The video needs a little back story so let's fill in the blanks.

The two old guys in the video are legendary CFL players that were at some banquet honoring them. But...they got beef, yo.

Joe Kapp, a 73-year-old former quarterback (and coach of the Cal Bears from 1982-86), punched his longtime rival Angelo Mosca, a 74-year-old defensive linemen and longtime professional wrestler.

The two have disliked other since the 1963 Grey Cup (the CFL championship game). Apparently in that game, Mosca delivered a controversial hit on Kapp’s teammate Willie Fleming, knocking him out of the game.

When Mosca and Kapp were introduced, the luncheon's host, comedian Ron James, told Kapp to give Mosca an olive branch from a table setting as a peace offering.

Mosca, however, had an alternate suggestion as to what Kapp could do with the olive branch. Kapp didn't care for that idea and slugged Mosca, who hit Kapp with his cane, then stumbled off the stage.

Thanksgiving was like that for me.  Except substitute "olive branch" for "gravy" and "cane" for "M-16".  That should cover it.