When most guys engage in a war of words with their girlfriend, most of them end the fight by just agreeing with them. For one dude in Wisconsin, he lept out of a moving vehicle. 

The 34-year-old had been out celebrating his girlfriend's birthday. They apparently fought most of the night over a possible move to another state. I guess Wisconsin is that great of a place.

About 1 AM, while on the way home, the couple continued arguing when he felt he had enough. Rather than trying to end the argument, he opened his door and made a sweet escape to nag-free freedom.

During his tumble out of the car, he hit his head on the pavement. He was then taken to the hospital due to a brain bleed. No doubt the girlfriend tagged along and complained about him being 'over dramatic'.

Tell me, what's your method for ending an argument with your significant other? Does leaping from a moving vehicle sound like a good escape?