Old Men Fighting
This goes from some what comical to really awkward in about ten seconds.  Kind of like me trying to remove a bra in my 20's.
The video needs a little back story so let's fill in the blanks.
What Are The Best Movie Duels Ever?
We have one hell of a duel going on right now in the 103GBF Rocktagon! Our current champ, Avenged Sevenfold is trying to defeat their challenger, Papa Roach. Check out their new songs and cast your vote now! I had classic battles on my mind when I saw this list of memorable movie duels on
Learn How To Kick Ass With Conan
Conan O'Brien is a tall lanky ginger, who probably took a lot of hell from the other kids back in school. The other night Conan learned the finer points of self-defense on his show.
Fight Nights Are Gonna Be Cringe-worthy
It wasn't too long ago that an ex-girlfriend invited me to her kickboxing class. I went in thinking I'd learn new ways to fight the douchebags hitting on her. About 5 minutes in, and realizing I'm the only guy there, I learned this was geared towards females and they have their own wa…
Don’t Fight At A Foo Fighter’s Show
It never fails. There is that one douchebag at every concert. The guy who bumps in to you and makes you spill your beer, and pisses off your girlfriend. When you tell him to take it down a notch, he feels like you just insulted his entire family. That's when the fighting begins. Dave Grohl will…